Razor, Bramble, Thorn Child

Razor, Bramble, Thorn Child

You shall not slow me

to your 2/4 beat of destruction

I shall hurdle high over you,

Your highness, queen of disappointment

I shall prevail, in the

New dawn form of a creature,

who changes & morphs

into the red stream of power,

flowing through the mountains of

never-ness & nought

The river that flows upstream and

winds through the land of the impossible,

to where the globe of knowledge

floats in a glass of contentment

I shall prevail,

I will sail through the hate and

see the blessed sunrise

that you have sought to suppress

Copyright 2019


(Kevin Trent Boswell)






Author: Kevin Trent “Magus” Boswell

I coined the term Conjure Coaching to capture what I do, which is to utilize my tool box of skills to help people get what they need, be that tarot, astrology, Strategic Intervention life coaching, NLP, trance, spell work or the kitchen sink.

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