almost something like it

you say you’ve been

to the mountain 

and now you’re a big to do…

funny but i don’t remember

the mountain

ever mentioning you

i am not your memories…

that frame cracked, 

when I outgrew

shards of recollection, 

now strewn about your rug

a steep cleaning bill is due

i am no longer boxed in

i‘ve outgrown my previous place, 

mounted on your wall, to view

i no longer fit in your wallet

or inside of any container 

that also contains you

Copyright 2020


(Kevin Trent Boswell)

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Magus & The Plastic Infinity



Conjure Work


Author: Kevin Trent “Magus” Boswell

I coined the term Conjure Coaching to capture what I do, which is to utilize my tool box of skills to help people get what they need, be that tarot, astrology, Strategic Intervention life coaching, NLP, trance, spell work or the kitchen sink.

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