Video for the song “Pure” from the album, Flagship.


Stole me away into the black of my mind
Brought me near the shore of insanity
But then she came and swept me away
Now we’re smiling; nothing left to say

God is good; God is great
I’m in love and I won’t hesitate
To tidy my mind and get my soul straight
‘Cause there’s nothing I want
That Love can’t create

And of knowing you,
I hope this is only the dawn

There’s only one thing left to be done
That is to take our place in the sun
Beneath the bright sky
We’ll commandeer the breeze
And drift through the universe
Like autumn leaves

Of the world that’s brought me down
You’ve been my cure
Because you love me and challenge me
To be pure

© 2019 Kevin Trent Boswell

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Author: Kevin Trent “Magus” Boswell

I coined the term Conjure Coaching to capture what I do, which is to utilize my tool box of skills to help people get what they need, be that tarot, astrology, Strategic Intervention life coaching, NLP, trance, spell work or the kitchen sink.

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