Tales of War on Venus

I think the reason this time of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn hasn’t been more popular with the people is that it was lacking something. I think what it was lacking is a tune, one that the people can hum.

I’ve taken it upon myself to remedy this situation by creating one for this very purpose. Now, this thing should really get off the ground and fly. Now, people will no longer have to argue with their romantic partners, families and friends… without a soundtrack.

Now, they will be able to argue with soundtrack backing them up. Something to make the whole thing really groove and move along, with a steady beat and some catchy lyrics.

Tales of War on Venus

Tales of War on Venus

We sit, swapping war stories
We’ve barred all the windows and doors
Each of us covered in blood
Half of it mine, half of it yours

Two chairs, sitting face to face
The room is bare, otherwise
Suspiciously watching each other for
Sudden movements, any shift in the eyes

There’s a word for why we’re here
The trap, it fits us like a glove
Explains all the mess and the misery
And that four-letter word is love

Pause long enough to take a shot
From the big bottle of poison
We’re not much but we’re all that we’ve got
We sweat bullets and swear “You’re the one.
You’re the only one for me.”

Weapons at the ready, there in our laps
Fingers never far from the trigger
No one smiles, no one eats or sleeps
Shots of whiskey and resentment get bigger

It’s no mystery how or where
We both know who’s to blame, we insist
Each of us swearing that the other struck first
It was a case of love at first fist

There’s a word for why we’re here
This trap, it fits us like a glove
Explains all the mess and misery
And that four-letter word is love

©️2022 Kevin Trent Boswell

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