good dog

i need to run
pleeze set me loose
to run in the yard
i am a good dog
im not too bryte
you beat me but its ok
i was bad
i still love you
i takes cares of you bestest i can
i wrap my teefs around the bones
of any bad peoples trys to harm you
i rip the balls off anybody
tries to hurt you
ill live on one meal a week
its ok
i dont need no mental stima-lashuns
i dont know what dem things is
no persunal space
them are just words
i dont know what thems mean
i will lick your feet
you will be happy
i will be happy
i dont need no time
time dont ezist for me
ezept when you gos away
then i am a very sad
if i had hands i would
clean up my poop
so you wouldnt
have to stoop down and do it
becuz its beneath you
it must be beneath you
becuz you dont do it much
as littel as possibal
i wish i could do it for you
i dont need nuthin
i wantz to run in sercals for you
make you laff
beg fer your attenshunz
pleeze may i do tricks for you
lick your face
you snatch me up
scruff of my neck
i dont make no fuss
yor the boss
i deserve to be choked
you warned me last time
i already learn that lesson
wounds almost healed up now
its ok
it was my fault
i will not be bad no more
sorry i interupted
your favrit show
with my dumb stuff
my thirsties
my hungerz
me bein chokd on the chain
around my neck
i was just bein selfish
i sorry
i do better next time
pet me pleeze
i love you

©2022 Kevin Trent Boswell

From the book remission

remission, by Kevin Trent Boswell
remission, by Kevin Trent Boswell
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Get Yourself a Dog

Everything crumbles, fails and breaks
All of it in shambles, all in due time
Crushing, the endless slew of heartbreaks
Before that long nap we take in the lime

One plan works out and we give many thanks
Success, daring us to dream more grand
Shedding tears, when another one tanks,
Going not-at-all how we’d imagined or planned

Through all of the ups, downs and plateaus
At the end of each, long, tired day
There’s some place that each of us goes
Where to rest, our heads down, we do lay

Some sleep in luxury, like kings and queens
Lovers in silk sheets, fathers and mothers
With children nearby, in comfortable means
Dreaming of futures, brighter than others’

Those on whom fortune never gives a call
More than just some, a much larger number
In hovels, which are hardly homes at all
In cars, shelters or alleys, they slumber

Each type faces their own, unique struggles
Days, a mix of good and bad, one discovers
Either one goes down easier with snuggles
With a little love, one more quickly recovers

Turbulent, these unplanned ups and downs
Coming home, victorious or beaten by the fight
Smiles are always more welcome than frowns
But not everyone thinks you’re such a delight

People are critters possessed of great capacity
For cruelty, murder, greed and deceit
But a dog is a true friend and lacks the ability
To ignore you, to lie, betray or mistreat

A puppy is always ecstatic to see you
When you’re gone for minutes or many an hour
And there’s very few things one can do
To cause their opinion of their master to sour

Get yourself a dog and to it, commit
Good food and walks, like clockwork
Never hit it or neglect, the least little bit
Remember well that dogs don’t speak Jerk

Every day, that dog, you have to be earning
Their kindness, something we don’t deserve
Train yourself, lots and lots of learning
How a happy, healthy dog, to preserve

Get your lazy butt up, take it on a walk
Read everything you can find about training
Give it routine and real love, not just talk
When they misbehave, your anger, restraining

Don’t try to reason with a dog, silly human
Learn their language, don’t angrily assume…
It doesn’t speak English, you have to illumine
You have to be the adult in the room

Pay no attention when they do naughty stuff
Lavish them with praise whenever they do right
Patiently teach them, never yell or be gruff
And you’ll know in the end, it was right

Because days… you’re going to have all kinds
Tragedies and celebrations, galore
Friends come and go and lovers lose their minds
But a dog will adore you now and evermore

Where we humans go, when our lights go out
Is a thing that we hotly debate and discuss
But all dogs go to heaven, without any doubt
Because dogs are far better people than us

©2021 Kevin Trent Boswell